The main activity of INFINITI OIL is trading in oil derivatives and oil

INFINITI OIL d.o.o. is a company founded in 2000 with headquarters in Belgrade.

The main activity of INFINITI OIL is trading in oil derivatives and oil, with a special emphasis on base oils and additives for the production of oils and lubricants, as well as other raw materials for the production of industrial and motor oils and lubricants.

INFINITI OIL d.o.o. has a warehouse of additives in Serbia, where you can always find most of the additives from our offer.

INFINITI OIL d.o.o. , together with its long-term foreign partners, covers the market of the Western Balkans with great success.

INFINITI OIL d.o.o. has built unique and serious business relationships with manufacturers, sellers, merchants, transporters, as well as customers in the region over the years, through an extremely professional relationship and dedication to work. The strength and size of the INFINITI OIL company lies precisely in the possession of such a network and experience, which gives us an incomparable advantage in understanding the needs of the market and the ability to satisfy that need.


We store our products in RS and cooperate locally with professional storage service providers. The tanks are certified according to ISO 9001:2015. Here we can do transshipment into other means of transport as well as filling into small containers such as IBCs or drums.
We also store our products, already filled in barrels, in a warehouse with local warehousemen. This warehouse is also ISO 9001:2015 certified.


We generally deliver our products in bulk in various means of transport such as ship, BKW, TKW, ISO container or Flexibag. Combined tank truck deliveries in particular offer economic advantages and are used by many customers today. It is possible to deliver products in smaller packages such as IBCs (1000 liter containers) or drums (200 liter containers). In order to optimize delivery routes, we cooperate with regional freight forwarders and are constantly looking for new, economically viable logistics options to meet the demands of our customers.


In the era of globalized trade, goods often pass through several countries. Another aspect of quality delivery is proper customs clearance. Extensive regulations must be followed for both import and export. Quality is our main priority, which is why we hire appropriately certified (AEO) customs agencies to process imports and exports to/from the European Union.

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